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Welcome to the Light Dynamics Support Center.  Here you can find information about the company and your technology solution.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I get an account?
    You receive your account as soon as you become a Light Dynamics customer. You account information will be emailed to you at the specified email contact. If for some reason you have not received your account information, please contact our customer service team. We will be happy to assist you.
  • How can I retrieve/reset my password and/or username?
    To retrieve or reset your account information, please click on the "forgot login or password" link on the login page and follow the instructions.
  • Where can I pay my invoice?
    You can pay your invoice online from your customer portal, or directly from your emailed invoice. You may also call and pay your invoice over the phone.
  • Where can I find a list of my services?
    Please login to your customer portal to find a comprehensive list of all of your services. If you do not see one of your services listed, please contact out support team for further assistance.
  • Can I upgrade my services?
    You may upgrade your services at any time. If you have a monthly service, your upgrades will take effect immediately and your upgrades will be prorated until the next month.
  • Where do I submit a support ticket?
    Please login to your Light Dynamics customer portal and select the "Submit Ticket" link. You can also login and open a chat session for faster service!

    Questions about our solutions and services? Find the answers in this section. Most solutions are customized based on your overall technology solution. However, we will come and complete a specific project just for your organization!
  • How many years has Light Dynamics been in business?

    Light Dynamics was incorporated in August of 1999 so that makes us 16 years old!

  • Do you have an E-RATE SPIN number?

    Yes our SPIN number is 143030769
  • Do you provide E-RATE consulting?

    We do provide E-Rate consulting and our staff has been trained on the new E-Rate procedures and protocols. However, since we are also an E-Rate service provider, we determine on an annual basis whether we will be a service provider or consultant.
  • What is your E-RATE success rate?

    Every client that we have assisted with the E-Rate program has been approved for the requested funds.
  • Why can't I access technical support information without

    signing in?

    Technical support is only available to our clients as apart of their service agreement or product.  If you need assistance with your login and/or password, please contact us and our service representatives will be happy to assist you.

  • Do you provide NWEA MAP Assessment testing services?

    Yes, we do provide NWEA Map Assessment testing services and training.  Our technicians are capable of setting up your lab, installing the software, proctoring the tests and walking your staff through the data analysis.

  • How long does it take to get a completed web solution?

    The length of time varies for each customer and service.  We have completed project in two days, two weeks and two months.  Either way, rest assured that if you have your data prepared, the length of implementation will be optimal.

  • How long will it be before I see results from my SEO solutions

    We typically begin to see the results of our SEO package within 3 months of implementation.